The forms and information on this website are intended solely for the use of individuals who are considering representing themselves in Court proceedings. This information should not be construed as legal counsel. The staff in the Court offices will not be able to give you legal advice or help you fill out or complete the forms. For all advice concerning legal matters, please consult an attorney.

NOTICE: ALL forms must be completed entirely, and filed at the Prothonotary's Office.

the directions for the forms before you begin filling them out.

Legal Information

Custody Forms
red bullet Complaint for Custody
red bullet Custody Contempt
red bullet Custody Modification
red bullet Petition to Waive Fees

Custody Pretrial Conference
red bullet Child Custody Questionnaire (WORD)
red bullet Child Custody Questionnaire (PDF)

PFA Forms
PFA Modify

Motion for Continuance
Motion for Continuance

 Public Defender Application (English)

Application for Legal Counsel - CYS, Involuntary Termination ONLY
 Application for Legal Counsel

Self-Represented Litigants
Entry of Appearance for Self-Represented Litigant

 3301(c)(1) - No Fault and Mutual Consent, 3301(c)(2) - No Fault, or 3301(d) - No Fault and Applicable Time of Separation