Local Rules

LOCAL RULES OF COURT  -  CIVIL    - Updated to add Public Access Rule

Pennsylvania courts video series on new public access policy for appellate and trial court case records - (click to access video)

Rule L205.2(a)    
 Pleadings and Other Legal Papers

Rule L205.2(b)      Pleadings and Other Legal Papers. Form

Rule L206.1(a)      Petition

Rule L206.4(c)      Rule to Show Cause

Rule L208.3(b)      Motion. Alternative Procedures

Rule L210             Briefs

Rule L212.1          Trial

Rule L212.2          Pre-trial Statement

Rule L212.3          Pre-trial Conference

Rule L216             Motion for Continuance

Rule L227.1          Post-trial Conference

Rule L230.2          Termination of Inactive Cases

Rule L430             Service by Publication

Rule L1018           Notice to Defend. Form

Rule L1028(c)       Preliminary Objections

Rule L1034(a)       Motion for Judgment on the Pleadings

Rule L1035.2(a)    Motion for Summary Judgment

Rule L1042.21      Medical Professional Liability Actions. Motion for Settlement Conference or Mediation

Rule L1301          Compulsory Arbitration

Rule L1910.4       Support. Commencement of Action

Rule L1910.11     Support. Office Conference. Subsequent Proceedings. Order

Rule L1910.12     Support. Office Conference. Hearing. Record. Exceptions. Order

Rule L1915.3       Custody and Visitation. Commencement of Action. Complaint. Order

Rule L1915.4-3    Custody Conference

Rule L1915.15     Complaint. Caption. Order. Form

Rule L1915.15(a)  Order and Notice. Form

Rule L1920.3       Divorce. Commencement of Action

Rule L1920.51     Appointment of Master

Rule L1920.53     Hearing by Master. Report

Rule L4007         Requests for Transcripts

Rule L4008         Costs of Transcripts

Transcript Request Form



Rule L112       Availability and Temporary Assignment of Magisterial District Judge

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